About WinZip 64-bit

Being one of the world’s leading compression software packages, WinZip 64-bit can allow users to tame large files, share effortlessly, and at the same time, it protects their privacy. The software can open all major compressed formats, such as RAR and Zip, with just one click. Users can also prep their files for sharing without the use of additional software. Resizing of photos, adding watermarks and conversion of files to PDF are done easily through WinZip 64-bit.

Seamless Integration

WinZip 64-bit offers seamless integration with Dropbox, CloudMe, Skydrive and others, letting users access and view files in their cloud storage accounts with ease. With the cloud links, users can send links to files via instant messaging, social media and email. WinZip 64-bit’s enhanced cloud service and improved engine bring this old reliable favorite to greater heights. Though it is hard to get excited about a Zip tool, WinZip 64-bit thrills users with its ease of use and impressive features.


Another great feature of WinZip 64-bit is its add-ons. One useful add-on is WinZip Express for Explorer. Once it is installed, it will show up in the Explorer’s menu. One can easily zip and share files with this lovely add-on. The simple and plain dialog modestly conceals its power by replacing the big WinZip window for most users. The express add-ons take WinZip 64-bit to a whole new level. There are endless possibilities with the new functions and features.

Other Features

Another new feature of WinZip 64-bit is its ability to avoid email size limits. There is no need to worry about the limits that are set by email providers because the program integrates fully with a web based delivery service that helps to store the files. There is no longer a need to interrupt your work and switch to another program to email files. Users will experience a quicker zipping experience with the upgraded model.
Winzip 64 bit

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